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Preventative Dentistry

The goal of preventive dentistry to catch things before they become a real problem, but we need your help in doing so!

Coming in every six months for a routine checkup is key to successful preventive care. At your checkup, we will examine the health of your gums and teeth, take any necessary x-rays, perform a routine cleaning and screen for oral cancer. Doing so will help us ensure your smile is happy and healthy.

Help your child enjoy their first dental visit:

  • Tell your child that Dr. Chiusano will be gentle and friendly and will teach them about their teeth.
  • Please do not tell your child that the dentist will not hurt, as the word “hurt” may never have entered their mind in the first place. Please do not use words such as needle, shots, drill or other words suggesting unpleasantness.
  • Expect your child to do well and enjoy the first visit to our office, and chances are they will!


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