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Digital Office

We’ve gone digital!

An office that has “gone digital” records x-rays and charting with the aid of the computer and keeps all patients’ dental records electronically. We’ve said goodbye to traditional x-rays and implemented digital radiography. Additionally, we’ve cut back on paper use and now have automated appointment reminders! Learn more about how we’ve gone digital below!

Paperless charting means more efficiency and more accuracy. With traditional paper charting, information can be lost in translation from doctor to hygienist to assistant. Even handwriting differences and coding make the charts look different. The computer eliminates this problem by standardizing charting methods, making it easy to understand dental charts, view up-to-date information and keep records accurately. When needed, this method also allows dental offices to more easily share information with other healthcare providers.

Digital appointment reminders give us the ability to make our communication with you easy and convenient! Reminders now go beyond the written cards or personal phone calls that are prone to human error. Our computerized and automated system provides you timely reminders of upcoming appointments through email and text messaging. We are also able to keep you up to date with the latest news and events going on at our practice.

Digital radiography uses an estimated 40-90 percent less radiation than conventional film x-rays. Digital x-rays use a digital image capture device in place of traditional film, sending an image immediately to a computer. The result is a highly-detailed image of the mouth, and its contrast and resolution can be enhanced to more easily diagnose dental problems and determine the very best treatment for each case. This means more safety and better accuracy for you.


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